Service Committees

Responsible for gathering and preserving archival material and historical information. Our archivist maintains a beautiful display at our office, and exhibits many of these artifacts at local AA events. Also helps local groups research their group’s history, and records the stories of local AA long-timers. Liaisons with the SENY Archives committee and other archive committees in Area 49.

Responsible for exploring, developing, and offering resources to alcoholics with significant barriers to receiving the Alcoholics Anonymous message and to participating in our program of recovery. Works to ensure that A.A. is available to all alcoholics who reach out for it by encouraging groups to share info about their meeting space.

Responsible for building and maintaining relationships with local professionals who may encounter alcoholics as part of their profession. Our CPC committee ensures that these professionals have accurate information about what AA does and does not do, as well as resources to easily provide referrals to AA.
Responsible for helping local AAs carry our message of hope behind the walls of correctional facilities. This includes coordinating speakers and AA literature for “inside” meetings, helping soon-to-be-released alcoholics get to their first meeting in Nassau County, and connecting local AA members with GSO’s Corrections Correspondence Service.
Responsible for regular oversight of Nassau Intergroup’s financial practices, ensuring that the dollars that go in the AA basket are used for AA purposes, and that these spiritual assets flow in a manner that is consistent with AA Traditions, Intergroup policies, and local/state/federal laws.

Responsible for helping local AAs carry our message of hope into local treatment, detox and related facilities. This includes coordinating speakers and AA literature for regular meetings, helping soon-to-be-released alcoholics get to their first meeting in Nassau County, and responding to Bridging the Gap requests for people returning to Nassau County.

Responsible for managing the inventory and distribution of AA literature to local groups and individuals. This includes ensuring a sufficient supply of books, pamphlets, and other materials. The chair may also handle sales transactions during meetings and events. Their role is crucial in providing resources and promoting awareness of AA literature.
Responsible for receiving and compiling up-to-date meeting schedule and pertinent information from groups within county. Compiling and updating the county-wide meeting list. Ensuring the availability and distribution of the meeting list to members, newcomers, and other interested individuals.

Responsible for gathering, laying out, editing and distributing a monthly newsletter with information about Alcoholics Anonymous in Nassau County, including content such as articles written by local AA members on AA topics, service committee reports, and information about upcoming events.

Responsible for managing the overnight shifts of the hotline service. They coordinate and schedule volunteers to ensure 24/7 coverage. The coordinator oversees the distribution and tracking of the hotline’s phone list and resources.

The Office Manager maintains the physical space of our office at 361 Hempstead Turnpike. Handles or arranges for any improvements or repairs needed. Serves as liaison to the building owner.

The Office Phone Rep Coordinator coordinates volunteer staffing and scheduling to ensure our 24 hour hotline get answered from 9am-5pm every day. Orders supplies and coordinates cleaning services for the office.

Responsible for ensuring that the general public has accurate information about what AA does and does not do. Arranges for well-informed AA speakers to talk about our fellowship and our program of recovery at non-AA meetings, while always maintaining members’ personal anonymity at the level of public media.

Responsible for planning and executing our biggest annual event! This committee secures a location, creates a day-long program of workshops, speakers and panels, arranges for food and beverages, coordinates with other trusted servants for service display tables, and enlists willing alcoholics to perform in a fun/informative Traditions Play

Responsible for hosting a quarterly meeting where AA groups can book incoming speakers from other groups. The Speaker Exchange is currently held from 7am-8am on the 3rd Saturday of March, June, September and December at the Bellmore Presbyterian Church located at 2740 Martin Ave in Bellmore

Responsible for overseeing and managing Nassau Intergroup technology, including the Nassau Intergroup website, office equipment, software, and digital information. Meets monthly to discuss best practices and ensure accuracy and efficiency for all tech systems. Provides support for virtual/hybrid Intergroup events.

Responsible for sharing information about how local AA members can sign up to participate in responding to 12th Step call requests. Maintains a confidential contact list for members and their individual availability, and works closely with the Office Phone Rep coordinator and the Night Book coordinator to ensure volunteers have access to the most current list.